Saturday, January 1, 2011


It’s too late to express my thankfulness, but as they say, ‘Better late than never!’ I take this opportunity to speak my heart out and give tribute to all those people who influenced this work.

Fifteen years back, during my schooldays our neighbor -‘Late. Smt. Poosamma’; whom we used to fondly call as ‘Ammamma’ (means maternal grandma), used to tell us stories of Sri Veerabrahmam. It was believed that she had the vision of that divine Saint many times in her life. I express my thankfulness to her from the core of my heart since had she not enriched my mind with the stories of this great Saint, perhaps I wouldn’t have known about this great Saint whose works and life is still unknown to everyone in India. I dedicate this book to ‘Ammamma!’

Secondly, I am greatly indebted to my Mother ‘Smt. A. Ramani’, who used to read out these stories and explain us the complex meanings of Advaitic philosophy. Being a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya and having lived outside Andhra Pradesh, I didn’t know reading Telugu font. Therefore she used to read out stories line by line. Hence, for me the second person whom I’m indebted to is my mother, and I’ll be grateful to her always.

Thirdly, I would thank Mr. Devi Prasad Acharya, who works as a software professional in Infosys, for taking time from his busy schedule to read this book and write the ‘’Foreword’ for me.

Next, I would thank all those members of Orkut devotional forums who actually encouraged me to come up with this book.

Lastly, I would say whatever happens, happens at the God’s will. So, if this book is in place today, it means that Lord has shown his mercy on me. Thanks to the Jagadguru ‘Sri Veerabrahmendra!’

- Santosh Ayalasomayajula


  1. Seethakokachiluka:

    I am unable to download the PDF file...pleaseeeeeeeeeee help. I am trying since yesterday with no luck :(

  2. Dear Seetakokachiluka,

    I'm able to download it properly. Here are the download instructions. Please follow them and you would get it. Let me know if you can't download even after following these. Or email me I'll send you that book through email.

    1. Click and Navigate to the URL.
    2. You would find a Green colored "Download" button at Bottom RIGHT corner. Click that. It would prompt you to login with either your facebook of Scribd account. If you have facebook account, use that otherwise create a free scribd account. It's just 2 mins job.
    3. When you enter your login it would show you the download box click OK and that's it, you have the e-book with you.